11 Ways to Get a Boy to Notice You and Ask You Out

That feeling of having a crush on a boy you can’t even get to notice you, let alone ask you out can really feel so frustrating. You can’t get him off your mind! And can’t even get him to notice you! I guess it feels so annoying?! Well, the good news is that you are about to break that barrier and get your dream guy!
Getting a guy to notice you is easy, you can just walk up to him and say “hello” but getting him to notice you in a way his heart skips a beat and he really gets desperate to ask you out is where the whole work is. I guess you prefer him noticing you in the “heart skip a beat” kinda way. Well, you don’t have to rack your brain anymore as I have narrowed everything you need to get a guy to notice you and not just noticing you, asking you out to 11 simple steps. Now you make a cup of coffee, sit back and carefully absorb this steps.
1. Keep Good Hygiene: Though this is a passive way to get a guy to notice you, it really plays a very important role in the whole game. Keep your hair clean and nicely styled, keep a good skin and mouth hygiene. You want to keep your cloths clean. You should know that the main purpose of this step to create a very good and long lasting first impression. Trust me, a guy never forgets the first time he sets eyes on a stunning lady. Try your best to keep a good and healthy hygiene.
2. Dress to Kill: This is the first main step to get him to notice you. Step outta your comfort zone and dress to kill! Go shopping and get stuffs in vogue, get stuffs that when next he sees you he would have to look again and be like “Wow”. Achieving this, believe me you got his attention. Make your shopping list or screen out your stunning set of cloths and start getting the “Wow” comments from your dressing and fashion style.
3. Smell Nice: A friend once told me that the way a person smells to an extent gives a lasting impression of that person. He said he gets attracted to girls that smell amazing. This works! Find a perfect cologne and start to give that amazing impression. When next you get close to him and he perceives your cologne, wherever he senses that smell even when you not there, he would always remember you.
4. Look Cute: Use makeup when you need to, try to look cute always. Start to look cute and stunning especially when you are going to where you know he would get to see you. This way he would see and only see you, he would get to notice your stunning look.
5. Make Eye Contact: Don’t be shy, you look amazing! Make eye contacts with him and send the signal. Making eye contacts will really get him to notice you. Even after that event, it would get him to think of you. Face your fear and summon courage to look at him. You want him right?! You have to now overcome your fear and make steady eye contacts with him. When next you are in the same room with him, try to make an eye contact with him accompanying it with a warm, cute and sexy smile and you would get him thinking and his heart skipping. {You Might Like: 15 Ways to get a Guy’s Attention}
6. A little Body Contact: Now you gave him those really heart raising eye contacts. You might need a little bit more courage for this one. You have to find a way to make an obvious physical contact with him. Just something simple like slightly bumping into each other. Make sure you looking really stunning when you bump into him, look into his eyes and say “I’m really sorry, I wasn’t looking” with a gentle voice and head your way. This way we just triggered thoughts of you.
7. The Apology Line: Now to him, you bumped into him mistakenly. You have to use this to your advantage. Walk up to him and say “Hi” with a soothing voice, tell him you came to apologize for bumping into him earlier. Tell him you were in a rush and didn’t like how you left without really properly apologizing for your actions. Ask him if he and his friends could hang out with you and your friends to at least make up for your actions. If he is a nice guy, he should say yes.
8. Look Good around Him: After getting him to go out with you, the next goal is to look good around him. You want to send the vibes that you are good together. The next two tips should help you with this.
9. Show Interests in his Interests: Show interests in what he loves. Connect with him on a deeper level and let him see it. Ask him about his best life experiences and listen to him with interest. Offer to prepare his favorite dish inviting him over for dinner. I would honestly say as a guy that I am drawn to someone I feel I have a deeper connection with.
10. Be all he wants: Ask questions about what kind of girls he has interests in and be all he wants. Be the girl of his dream and let him see it. Be the perfect match around him to the extent you would get his friends telling him to ask you out of which he would already even have in mind.
11. Avoid Looking Desperate: Avoid looking desperate. Desperation can get him to notice you and walk up to you but won’t get him to ask you out. Don’t neglect your own boundaries trying to please his all the time. If he is really into you he would respect your boundaries and try on the other hand to please you too. You should know “Relationship is a two way thing: Mutual!” He isn’t worth sacrificing everything for if you know he wouldn’t be able to do the same for you. Comment! Share! And Ask Questions on our Forum! {Read: 13 Ways to make a Guy jealous}

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