How to Kiss Like a Total Pro - 12 Advanced Tips

The 12 tips to kissing like a total pro. Have you had issues on how you kiss in the past? Embarrassing moments or comments or you just choose to know more. Well I guess you reading the right article. Here are 12 tips to increase your kissing stats and make you a total pro.

#1. Steady Eye contact P.s Down to the Lips

Your first essential tip kissing like a pro is being able to keep up with a steady and confident eye contact. A steady eye contact sends a signal of confidence. It keeps your partner in the mystery zone of what to expect. Spice this up by taking regular quick glances at the lips.{Read: How to kiss Real Good}

#2. Have a Clean Breath            

It’s a terrible thing to have a bad breath when kissing, for you to have a perfect kiss, you need to keep up with a fresh breath and a whiter teeth…cos even if you’re a very good kisser having a bad breath ruins everything.

#3. Keep Lips Hydrated

For you to experience a nice kissing time you need to keep your lips wet or glossy, you can even get a lip gloss of your favorite flavor and keep it in touch with you always. A hydrated lips makes kissing really pleasurable. Avoid dry lips at all time.

#4. Build the Anticipation

Use the touch factor and speed test to build anticipation. Building the perfect amount of anticipation gives the right first impression of excitement.

#5. The Touch Factor

Initiate a little piece of gentle touch. Use the touch to build anticipation and excitement before and after you initiate the kiss.

#6. The Speed Test

Take it slow. Slow is romantic and sexy, really preferable than too much speed. Taking your kiss slow, and romantic passes the signal of you being a total pro.

#7. Tilted Head

Tilt head to about 30 – 45 degree right or left to prevent obstruction when initiating the kiss. This gives a perfect posture for a perfect kiss. {You Might like: Have Crazy Sex and Hit the G-Spot}

 #8. Eyes

To me I really feel keeping your eyes open when kissing feels kinda weird, preferable keep your eyes closed.

#9. Use Little Tongue

Using little tongue would be more preferable than using too much tongue, too be able to kiss like a total pro you should be able to use the right amount of tongue at the right moment if not stick to little tongue.

#10. Bite A little

Spice up the kiss with biting the lips a little. Always be conscious of these in order not too mistakenly bite off lips

#11. Suck A Little

Suck the lips a little to give a feeling of more excitement during the kissing process to keep the mood on.

#12. The Massage

Kissing is all about being able to massage the lips perfectly. Always put that in mind. {Check out: 12 Irresistible ways to ask a girl out}



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