1. images (11)1. Girls love it when a guy says sweet things in front of their friends and understand if they don’t.
  2. Girls don’t always know what they want.
  3. If a girl tells a guy she was talking about him with her friends, it’s always something good.
  4. Girls love to be stared at sometimes. Looking straight in her eyes tells something, this melts her heart especially when she’s attracted to you.
  5. Girls don’t like too flirty guys. Flirting with a lot of girls simply means you’re not a one-woman-man; remember that action speaks louder to them.
  6. If a girl is still in love with someone else, they would never say anything bad about them.
  7. Girls are more observant than guys think.
  8. When girls say “N0”, it only means “keep trying”, girls are inconsistent, especially when deciding for their guy’s interests.
  9. Girls think too much.
  10. Girls can think of their crush for as long as 22hours a day.
  11. Be protective, but not too much. She likes it when you care for her and not to the point of choking her at times.
  12. When a girl says nothing is wrong, it means “everything is wrong”.
  13. Share your future family plan is important to her. Especially when you are ready to have a family with her.
  14. Girls feel insecure with their boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends.
  15. Girls like to be called beautiful all the time. Complimenting how beautiful she looks is big deal to her.
  16. Girls love it when guys say they love something about them, like their smiles.
  17. Girls are good detectives. Some don’t just open it up with their boyfriends.
  18. Girls love romantic guys. Kiss her under the rain, in front of your family and friends.
  19. When a girl holds a guy’s hand, she never wants to let it go.
  20. Never underestimate the feelings a girl has for her boyfriend.
  21. If a girl really loves you, she won’t be able to see anything bad about you.
  22. When a girl tells you things she loves, like staring at the stars or listening to the rain, shes falling for you.
  23. Girls adore guys who don’t only think about sex.
  24. If a girl really cares about a guy, you can see it in her eyes.
  25. Girls hate it when guys ignore them.


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