Have you ever seen a guy  for the first time so gorgeous that he makes you melt? A quick daydream flashes through your head of you and that gorgeous guy frolicking down the beach off into the sunset…then reality hits you. You turn away and quietly walk the other way hoping he didn’t catch you slobber. “Why couldn’t I just approach him and say something?” is what you’re pondering. Go talk to him! Okay, okay, easier said than done, but you may be missing out on a number of dating possibilities simply because you’re shy, stubborn or afraid of rejection. Some men can be just as nervous and shy as women can, so help the guy out a bit and at least meet him half way. Not sure how to do that? After following a few steps, you can get that guy

1. Simply Smile, Make Eye Contact…and/or Say Hello Sometimes all a man needs to make the first move is to know that you’re interested or that you won’t read him the riot act if he steps to you. If you appear happy and approachable, men who find you attractive will probably feel more comfortable coming over and striking up a conversation with you. A flirty glance, a friendly smile or simply saying hello may be all that’s necessary to get him going, and he’ll take it from there. After all, who wants to talk to the girl with the gas face? Smile, be happy and men will want to get to know you. {Check out: How to approach a girl for the first time}   2. Give him the look. It is very crucial that you get it right; if done the wrong way, this could lead to possible jail time. “The Look” is a certain look that you have that says, “I want you to notice me.” It is important to first make eye contact with your guy and then lay it on him. This is your sexiest, most mysterious look that will only last a few seconds so as to leave him breathless and wanting more (this is the ‘hook’). A little warning ladies, we do not want this turning into a creepy stalker girl case and have you end up behind bars. So for everyone’s well being, a few seconds will do!{You might like: 4 steps to building Self-confidence} 3. Compliment Him So you’re on the train, and you see a guy dressed to the nines. He’s put together from head to toe, from his tie down to his shoes. Don’t just admire him from afar, tell him how fly you think he is. I don’t know anyone who isn’t receptive to a sincere compliment, unless they’re just miserable for no good reason. Be specific. Tell him how nice his shoes are, or how well they pull his entire look together. Tell him he has a gorgeous smile and that his teeth are perfect or that his dimples give him a boyish charm that you find adorable. But whatever you do, be genuine. People can spot a fake a mile away, and know when you’re just searching for something to say versus actually meaning what you say. Once you have his attention by complimenting him, if he finds you equally as attractive, he may respond with a few compliments of his own. 4. Ask for the Time…or Directions Men love to feel needed or helpful, so find a reason to need his assistance on something…anything. If he simply answers you and then keeps going about his merry way without so much as a second look at you, then either you didn’t smile, flirt, or make your interest known convincingly enough, or he’s simply not that into you. But if he goes out of his way to give you an intricate response, or offers to walk you to your destination, then you’ve got him. Thank him for his help and offer to buy him coffee as a way to show him how appreciative you are.{Read: 25 amazing fact about Guys girls need to know} 5. Send Him a Drink This may seem bold, and you might be one of those women who doesn’t believe in buying drinks for a man, but this is as clear as it gets when showing someone your interest. This can go one of a few ways. If he’s a gentleman, he’ll come over to you to thank you for the gesture, introduce himself and return the favour. This way you can introduce YOURSELF to him, flirt some more and the conversation should just flow from there. If he’s not interested, he should still come over to thank you for the drink, and maybe you can charm him into taking a second look. Or if he’s not interested AND he doesn’t come over to thank you, then you dodged a bullet because he’s a jerk and you can look at it as charity and keep it moving.   6. Be alone when you approach your boy. Be sure when you approach your guy, it’s not with a clique of your friends behind you. First of all, this is very middle school of you, secondly it will scare your guy away. Talk about coercion! Although your friends may be very affable, they should not accompany you this time (save that for the bathroom trip). Your guy will feel more at ease if it’s just one on one. This will also give you guys a chance to get to know each other without having any interruptions.

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