80+ pick a number games 1-10; KIK Question Games over Text
Sometimes the conversation gets so awkward and starts to hit the boring lane, at this point, you are really concerned on how to light up the text and get back on track. Oh yea! This is where KIK question games, pick a number games over text comes in.
The great part is I have helped you make things a lot easier and made an easy list of over 80+ pick a number/KIK question games; dividing into 8 general categories.

The fill in the blank KIK question games. Can be used over text to actively light up your conversation. Can be used to help you unveil what the person you texting actually feels about you. Below I have listed out a reasonable number of the fill in the blank game examples:
– I am just ___________?
(Normal, Cute, Rocking, Sexy, Crazy, Mind Blowing, Cool, Great, Fabulous)
– I can’t beat you at __________?
(Fight, Debate, Kissing, Style, Sex, Romance, Common Sense)
– I have great ________?
(Heart, Attitude, Smile, Nature, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Style, Sense of humor)
– My Looks are ____________?
(Dashing, Sexy, Cool, Average, Hot, Awesome, Beautiful)
– You _______Me?
(Like, Hate, Ignore, Love, Miss, Crush)
– You considered me as ________?
(Good friend, Best friend, Close Friends, Lover, Life Partner, Your X)
– Give me one Pet Name you want to Call me.___________?
(Boo, Cutie, Sweetheart, Darling, Hotty, Sweety, Angel, My name)
– How is my behaviour __________?
(Naughty, Attitude, Romantic, Troublesome, Quite Simple)
– If u Get a Chance to Kiss me will u?
(Not Sure, No, Yes)
– What do you like about me?
(Eyes, Loyalty)

This could still be in the format of;
“Tell me what you love about me”
a. I love your smile
b. I love your jealousy
c. I love your courage
d. I love a part of your body
e. I love your whole body
f. I love your kindness
g. I love your eyes
h. I love your dress sense
i. I love your attitude
j. I love you around
Could also be in the format, your partner filling the blanks with their desired names.
a. I like BLANK
b. I love BLANK
c. I really don’t like BLANK
d. I’d give $100 to BLANK for a Kiss
e. I’d give a kiss to BLANK
f. I want to go on vacation with BLANK
g. BLANK is my Idol
h. BLANK is my favorite actor/actress
i. My future husband/wife is BLANK
j. I’d rather have a one night stand with BLANK

We clearly all know the truth or dare game. Of course we all do! As a matter of fact, this game of truth or dare can be used as a KIK question game over text.
You might be wondering how you could play the dare game over text, well that’s quite simple. Checkout my truth or dare question list that can be played via text.
Truth Questions over Text:
– Who was your first kiss?
– When did you have your first Kiss?
– What is the craziest thing you have done?
– Who do you presently have a crush on?
– If I tried to kiss you, would you let me?
– Tell me something you have not told anyone?
– Have you ever made love
– Have you ever watched porn
– Have you ever had an orgasm
– Have you ever liked someone who never knew you did
Dare Questions over Text
– Use my picture as our dp
– Send me your nude picture
– Make a video of you dancing and send to me
– Make a video of you twerking and send to me
– Send a voice note of you singing ____________
– Send me a picture of your cleavage
– Send me a picture of you hard in your boxers
– E.t.c..
{Read: 100 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions}

As the whole other KIK games, this is a simple head-start game that allows you to start a continuing statement according to the next letter of the alphabet your game player recently used. It’s an easy game to play over texting, as it lighting up the mood and easing conversation. How do you play this game?

Jerry: And the Sky shinned in brightness at the sight of your beauty
Paulina: But I really didn’t mean to be so stunning today
Jerry: Can’t I really say how I feel anymore?
Pauline: Does it have to be so flattering?
Jerry: Except if you really don’t want the truth
Pauline: Forget I said all that, I love the compliment
Jerry: Good, I’m glad you do

If you paid close attention to the conversation above, you would notice that each line starts with the next letter of the alphabet as the conversation A, B, C D, E, and F. The goal of the game is to create a conversation using the continual letters of the alphabet.

This could also be a great KIK question game. You and your partner could pic different unique roles and role play.

This is an example of KIK game over text where by you mix in certain pictures and asked different questions related to the image you have given to the person you are texting. Examples of the picture mixed games are given below:
– Who would you Kiss, Marry and Kill
– Which teacher would you seduce
– Which would you fall for
– Who would you Kiss
– Who would you have a one night stand with

You should as well have come across you the last word game, which involved the continuation of a next sentence with the last word of the previous one’

Example of this texting game:
– I love your shirt and I know you don’t
Don’t you tell me that
That was what I guessed would say
Say you were me, would you have agreed
Agreed that what?
What do you think I said?
And on and on.

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