Fun is an essential attribute of a working relationship. A fun relationship brings happiness to each partner. Most relationship are suffering from lack of fun which is causing a lot of relationship breakups and crashes this days. Has your relationship been suffering from boredomness or lack of fun, let your mind be at rest because this article has all you need to make your relationship fun and work again.

Before we dive in, I think we all need to know the symptoms of a boring relationship so as to be able to recognize one and make changes before it’s too late. In a boring relationship partners are focused on what they don’t have than what they have, they are more focused on the problems they have than the problems they don’t have. In this kind of relationship, you see stuffs like “she visits me only twice a week, how do you expect our relationship to work?” But the truth is that such a relationship can work if such a person can make that visits twice a week count rather than complaining, if that person focuses on what he has, rather what he doesn’t have. Another symptom of a boring relationship is when the partners in a relationship are too engrossed in the work, activities they do rather than the time they spend together. In a relationship, the time we spend with our partners really count, fun is essential for a relationship that is going to work, fun actually renews the love that exist. A boring relationship has a high probability of crashing, it is just a matter of time. Try some of the ideas below and I’ll bet your relationship will be full of fun and excitement.

Be cheerful– Learn to smile and laugh, don’t always be a sadist, always be cheerful and romantic. Pay attention to yourself, make yourself laugh, let your time together be full of smiles, laughter. Don’t allow anything to way both of you down.

Do things together– Make lists of things to do together, Dance lessons, Play video games, Go fishing, Study together, etc. commit to one at a time and stick to the project until you’ve both completed it.

Get social – Redevelop your relationship with friends, family. You’ll appreciate yourself if you share a great network of people.

Appreciate each other– Set out time to appreciate each other, go out on date often, have dinners together but no “movies” they don’t encourage interaction. Tell yourself sweet things, learn to open up to your partner. Keep your partner happy by being happy.

Share past experiences – Find time and share past life experiences about each other. You may learn something interesting and delightful about each other.

Connect often with each other– Make effort to make eye contact. Hold hands, hug and give quick kisses and romance often. Holding hands keeps a connection and closeness, no matter what we are doing, an enthusiastic hug uplifts us and a quick kiss says “I’m glad to see you”.

Go out on dates often – Make dates and approach them with excitement. Dress up and look your best. Go out to places of both your interests, places where you can both have fun, places where you can have enough time to appreciate each other. The desire to look your best, feel your best and have the best time possible will rekindle those feelings of a first date.


Compliments and “thank you” – Rather than concentrating on what he or she doesn’t do anymore, concentrate on what he/she does. He may not bring you flowers and gifts as often as when you just met but still appreciate him for doing the dishes with you. Being appreciative with a thank you makes people more enthusiastic about doing something. Complimenting your partner on their personal qualities, appearance, dressing etc. will easily be a high point of the day. Saying Thank you and complimenting our partners maybe actually what we need.

Make love often and with passion – a sexual relationship with passion builds intimacy between partners. This intimacy makes sex much more genuine, gratifying and fulfilling. A lot of daily activities often exhaust our energy so we find it hard to “be in the mood”. But you should still make time for “love sessions”, make time to “make love [having sex with passion]” and not just having sex. Make the intimate part of your relationship a high priority


Conclusion: Love is the foundation of a relationship but building it will have to involve Fun. You can follow us and read more of our articles on relationship and dating tips by logging on to: www.relationship-facts.com

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