I guess we’ve all heard of foreplay at one point or the other. Probably we have asked ourselves what that means or how exactly how to foreplay and turn your partner on.

To Begin with, Foreplay is an initial act of romance done before actual sex takes place. It is what sets the mood for the main sex event. Every pro in Bed would understand that a good foreplay makes way for a really good sex experience. So if you willing to up your game of romance and sex, you would need to pay close attention to the points in this article.
What you need to put in Mind:
1. During a Foreplay you want to pay close attention to your every move so you can figure out what exactly works better and what works best.
2. During a foreplay you want to build up enough anticipation and excitement before and when you are involved in the romance
3. You need to set the right mood and environment. You want your romance and foreplay to feel comfortable, sexy and erotic. You want your partner to be turned on to the fullest.
We are going to use the points above to therefore drive out the main procedures for how exactly to foreplay like a total pro
1. SET THE MOOD: To properly foreplay like a pro you want to set your partner in the mood. Imagine inviting him/her over for a movie, you then have to choose a movie that makes your partner want comfort, want to cuddle and makes your partner want to be involved in a whole deal of romance. You have to set the mood that sends out the vibe for romance and comfort. Set out the romantic mood. If you had in mind to prepare a nice meal, make sure it is top notch. Red wine on a good day sets the mood for good sex so get one! Create a romantic music playlist. Just make sure everything you planned out that night sets the mood for romance and good sex.

2. AVOID DISTRACTION: You really want to select the best place to be alone when you about to foreplay and have sex. You should know some certain distractions can turn off the mood and you don’t want that. Pick the best romantic location that you two would really enjoy. A location that would by default set the mood and avoid possible distractions.

3. TAKE IT SLOW: Avoid the use of too much speed to initiate a foreplay at first except if it the hot steamy “I can’t wait” sex. Take things slow and steady not too in a rush and sloppy. The right amount of speed matters when it comes to quality romance. You want to run your finger slowly and gently with a feather-light pressure to get things really sexy, romantic and erotic. My point is taking things slow and steady is a lot more romantic and sexy, it lets your partner see you as a pro when it comes to foreplay.

4. BUILD ANTICIPATION: Build enough anticipation. Look your partner in the eye and slowly go closer and closer to them. Doing this, gently run your finger using a feather- light pressure through your partner’s body. You’re your lip a little and pause to gaze at your partner’s lip too. The goal of a good foreplay is to turn your partner on as much as possible before sex, so try as much as possible to build enough sexy and erotic anticipation. You should build enough anticipation that makes your partner’s skip to how good the sex they should be expecting would be. {You Might Like: The Kinkiest ideas to try in BED}

5. GO FOR THE KISS: This is one of the most important part of foreplay. Having built enough anticipation, running your finger through your partner’s body lightly and getting really close enough to them, you want to initiate the kiss. Make sure your head is tilted a bit to prevent your noses bumping into each other. Initiate that irresistible kiss, caressing and massaging your partner’s lips gently and romantically. Take a few seconds pause during your kiss and stare directly into your partners eyes running your finger gently through his/her hair or striking your finger gently on your partner’s lips before you continue. I have really expatiated on this point in my article on how to kiss real well! You might want to check it out, this should give you enough insights on how exactly to go for the kiss and make it irresistible.

*NB: Be sure to keep your breath fresh and keep good and healthy mouth hygiene before initiating your kiss. Bad breath is a huge turn off. You can also use a little bit of flavored lip balm to keep your lips soft and smooth. Having a dry lips and peeling lips can also serve as a huge turn off. {Read; How to turn a guy on}
6. THE IRRESISTIBLE TOUCHES: To foreplay like a pro, you have to touch and kiss your partner in places you know would turn them on. Kiss from the neck down through the chest/breast to the navel and the lower belly. Run your finger through your partner’s thigh as you kiss them passionately, this would trigger that sexual and erotic feelings. You can suck your partner’s nipple slowly with light pressure and caress her clits or his dick. The main aim for your touches is to turn your partner on as much as possible. {You Might Like: How to have Crazy sex and Hit the G-Spot}
7. BE SENSITIVE: Sensitivity plays a vital role when fore-playing. I would define sensitivity as the act of paying attention to what works. Sensitivity plays a huge role in foreplay, romance and even sex. You have to pay attention to what you do that turns your partner on the most and what turns them on less.
8. REPEAT WHAT WORKS: Almost same as the “being sensitive tip”. Pay attention to what works best, what turns your partner on the most and walk with that. Focus on the body part or stuffs you do that arouses your partner the most and do more of that, doing less of the stuffs that turn him/her on less. {Checkout: 50 Kamasutra Sex positions}
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