How do you get a boy to like you and ask you out? Naturally, Women have this ego and they see it as stooping so low when they find a girl asking a guy out. You might be so in love with a guy but won’t take the boldness to tell the guy out rightly. At this point, you are faced with the question; “how do I get a guy I like to ask me out?”
I’ll be breaking down this article into three main segments
1. Let him know you are interested
2. Drop Hints
3. Know what not to do part

Segment One: Let him know you are interested
1. Work your body
Your body language will give him a clue that you want to have something more serious with him above the plain friendship level.
• Keep occasional steady eye contacts: When you engaged in a conversation with this guy, try as much as possible to keep occasional steady eye contacts. The main reason you are doing this is just because you want to at first capture his attention.
• You can play with your hair from time to time while you look at him, this would appear sexy and surely send the signal that you are interested in something a lot more than friendship.
• Your sitting position really matters. You should not fold your hands when sitting with him. Your arms should be down to show you are open for communication.
2. Flirt
This is a great way to capture that guy and take it to the next level. You have to be subtle when it comes to flirting so that you won’t be seen as someone coming on too strongly.
• Learn to Speak softly, this will make you look a lot more attractive to the guy.

• Always find a way to compliment him without making it look obvious.

• You can tease him a bit by making fond of his interest, walking style or habit etc.

3. Get to know him
If you want a guy to take you on a date, let him know you have an interest in him as a person. It shouldn’t be a sit-down interview to express that you are concern about who he is and what he has interest in.
• Ask him about his area of interests because guys are generally fond of talking about what they love.
• You can ask him what his favorite genre of music and also his favorite song.
• Ask him about his opinion on a new controversial issue that’s trending. You want to also be careful when you talk about controversial issues as your opinions might differ, in other for these not to lead into an argument.

Segment Two: Drop Hints
1. Common interest can be used as an advantage
If you both have some interests in common, you should really use that to your advantage. Having a common interest helps him realize a connection between you both and gives him subconsciously a more reason for a date and the fact that he should take things to the next level with you.

• Music could be the common interest both of you share together. You can both listen to that favorite song you both love and even dance together.

• If you both support the same sports team. You can talk about the team and the game.

• Food can also be of common interest.

• Fashion, the love to travel, art, painting, photography etc. virtually anything can be of a common interest between you two, you just have to know how to use this to your advantage.

2. Your friends can drop some hints
Your friends can also help you get your crush to ask you out without coming on too strong. These are the various ways it can be done.

• Some of your friends could actually tease him and ask him when he was actually going to step up and have the boldness to ask you out? This way he feels like ”OMG, they really think she is into me!”. Make sure your friends do this well so that it won’t look like a planned game.
• Your friends can also publicly name you both “best couple” when you are together. This act has a great effect in most guys and will also create an impression to him of you two being the perfect match for each other
3. Talk about your plans
You must always talk about your plans casually. This will be a very easy way for him to join in and might lead to an eventual date.
• If you have a fun party that is going to occur during the weekend, mention it. Ask him if he would love to attend the party with you.
• If you want to have your meal, you can find a subtle way to say you are starving. And you would love it if he accompanied you to get a meal.
• If you have huge plans to see a movie in the cinema or attend a friend’s birthday. He may want to avail himself for you when the time comes.

4. Let him know your Schedule
Making your crush know what your schedule looks like is so different from just talking about your plans. This will make him know around when you will be availabble. Don’t sound too busy and at the same time don’t sound so free.
• If you are going to attend some classes, let him know when you have recess in between your schedule.

• If you’re passing by your favorite spot, where you hang out. You can let him know so that he can join you when you are about going there.

Segment 3: Know what not to do
1. Avoid the Friend Zone
You need to ensure that the guy doesn’t see you as a friend. Because if he does that, it might actually lead to you being friend-zoned. These are few things to do to draw the line between “just friends” and “more than friends”.
• Don’t allow him to treat you as one of his male friends. Make it clear that you’re not just there to be his friend.
• Never allow him to ask you for advice on what to do about a girl. If he does this always, let it be clear that you not in for being his adviser
• Being in a friend-zone is clearly stating that your guy isn’t attracted to you romantically and sexually. So in other to leave that zone or avoid that zone, you crush has to be romantically and sexually attracted to you. So you might what to step up your personal looks, hit the gym for a real sexy physique and occasionally show some skin.
2. Avoid letting him know how much you want to go out with him
You can drop hints to your crush without being so desperate. If you’re too desperate, you won’t leave anything to his imagination, and you won’t seem as desirable.
• Avoid giving him too much attention. He will become used to it.
• Don’t continuously ask him to hang out with you. If he’s not responding, that shows he’s not feeling it.
3. Don’t wait around for too long
If you’ve been dropping hints and the guy isn’t responding, then you might want to choose one of the following:
• Move on. If you’ve dropped hints and he is not responding. It is good for you to look for someone that will treasure you & your time.
• Ask him out. This can be so difficult. If you know he’s a very shy person and you know he likes you and hasn’t really been able to summon courage to ask you out, you can then ask him out. But if you know he isn’t you at all, you might want to re-think asking him out in other not to tarnish you image.

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