6 Secrets to make a Teenage or Adult Relationship last Long and Stronger

For every relationship to last happy and strong, you have to keep passion alive. The main reason most relationship drown is just because of the fact that the partners quit trying. The secret to a long lasting relationship is the ability to keep trying. Let me use a scenario as an example; the first time you meet someone you really like, you feel like there are butterflies in your stomach, you strive to do everything to make her happy. You work hard to make her smile and try your best to make her feel special, which right there is the definition of trying. To keep love and romance intact in your relationship, you have the keep the passion burning. Try these few tips and see how it works out. For the ladies reading this post, I sincerely apologize for the fact that i initially made this post for Men, you shouldn’t worry as using this points vice versa works 100% too.

LOOK GOOD. The problem with most guys after months of dating is they get used to being in a relationship and stop looking good. You should know that looking good, stylish and fit aren’t just for single people. You want your girl to never stop admiring you? Then don’t stop looking good. Hit the gym, keep good hygiene, improve your style of dressing, get a killer cologne and see the magic. Always know you not in a relationship to look like someone thrown in a trash can, a serious and longtime relationship isn’t a death sentence. Be proud of what you are in and show it in the way you live. Start to look good and see how your girl would admire you the more.

KEEP ROMANCE ALIVE. Keep romance alive, express the fact that love your girl not just in words but in action also. Don’t be too big to give her a good morning kiss or make breakfast for her in bed, cos this are simple romantic stuffs. Compliment her when you need to, write her a romantic note and put it where she’ll find it and also send her romantic text messages from time to time. My point is, keep romance alive! If you love her so much to make her your girlfriend then don’t be afraid to express it. Always spice up your relationship with quality romance.

TREAT HER LIKE A QUEEN. Never seize to treat your girlfriend like a queen, she is your woman and you should make the world jealous about that. Take her out on routine basis for really nice dinner dates and buy her nice stuffs as gifts. The best time to give your girl a gift is when she isn’t expecting one, I mean on a very random day. Don’t get me wrong, giving your girl a gift on her birthday doesn’t change, you just have to learn to really surprise her on an occasional basis. If her friends aren’t jealous of her then you not done yet. {Read: 103 sweetest things to say to a girl and make her feel special}

MAKE YOUR POINT. Being a boyfriend means having a lot of responsibilities, and having to take decisions alongside your girl for the betterment of your relationship. When you feel something should be done in a way or your girlfriend does something wrong you should never be afraid to voice out. Being in a relationship is a mutual agreement and each partner should be allow to voice out his/her opinions about stuffs. You should always learn to voice out your opinion. Some boyfriends understand these facts and decides to overdo it. NEVER HIT A WOMAN! No matter what, it is just a sign of weakness. The Relationship is a mutual agreement between two partners, so you are very well allowed to make your points verbal and unaggressive. Let stop domestic Violence!

RESPECT HER POINT: As I said before, don’t be afraid to voice out and make your points, you should also never forget to respect hers. As I also said initially and would still say, a relationship is a very mutual agreement meaning it involves two to tangle. As a boyfriend, make your points and love and respect your girlfriend’s opinion as well.

BE GOOD IN BED: To keep the fire burning, you have to keep yourself up to date when it comes to matters of the bedroom. Indulge in Quality Foreplay, improve your techniques and positions for greater pleasure.

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