Got yourself thinking of if you are in a loveless, unhappy marriage or relationship? You just find yourself down really asking if what you have with that special person is worth sticking up for. Feeling Depressed and confused and you up here to find that answer to that question of if you are in a loveless or unhappy marriage. The signs of an unhappy relationship are always clear but very fixable, so you should know that there is hope for you if only you are willing to make it work. Looking through an unhappy marriage or relationship signs, you might go through the following phase:
1. ARGUMENT PARTY: You seem not to agree on virtually anything. Your marriage seem to be a party of series of arguments. Arguments are good but when it comes down to series of arguments always, then this is a sign of a loveless, unhappy marriage or relationship.
2. EGO TO RECONCILE: You suddenly feel like you are not at fault this time even when you are, and suddenly that ego to say sorry comes in. Unlike the beginning of your relationship, the fights starts to last longer and longer. You both start to develop an ego to reconcile.

3. SICK OF IT: Now you just sick of it, instead of love, you start to feel choked, you start feel sick of the entire process!
4. TIRED OF TRYING: Now it is a lot more stress to keep trying to make it work. You now feel a lot more worked up to do what you used to.
5. WHEN YOU NOT SLEEPING WITH EACH OTHER: When sleeping with each other starts to get boring or you stop having it like you used to, this might really be a sign for a loveless relationship. You should then put in work to ignite the passion.
If you are to ask yourself why this signs are popping up in your relationship, you might need to consider the following reasons:
1. You two might just be too different: Different isn’t bad but when you two are just too different, this might be an issue. Being too different, you would find it hard to mutually agree on something even the simple stuffs, therefore causing arguments.
2. You get too relaxed: Now you need to examine yourself on this. When you like someone you try as much as possible to make a pretty good impressions so he/she can develop a lot more interest in you. You keep fit and in shape, you keep good personal hygiene, smell nice, buy her flowers and a lot more. Ask yourself this question “What is it I used to do for my partner when I still enjoyed my relationship that I stopped? Or what did my partner use to do for me that he/she stopped? Sometimes the reason for an unhappy relationship is just getting too relaxed, as a guy you stop getting her flowers, chocolate or something and as a girl stopped having interest in listening to how his day went or even asking how his day went. You are too relaxed and taking the simple stuffs that matter for granted! Fix it! [Read 30 romantic good morning messages]
3. Being used to it: Sometimes a loveless relationship is just caused by laziness. You feel because you already in a relationship and used to him or her, you don’t need to try and impress them. You are in a relationship, you should understand a mutual agreement to keep loving, caring and showing affection to your partner. So don’t get used to the fact that you see him/her everyday or he/she doesn’t request the love to stop committing to it.
If you still willing to make it work, the next question would be how then can you change things. Checkout the next few tips to achieve that.

INSTILL ROMANCE: Light up your romance once again. Get your partner a really nice romantic gift, write and text him/her romantic messages when they never would expect it. Start to put in effort to showing your love and expressing it for the other person to see. How to be Mr. Romantic
LEARN TO SAY SORRY: This has kept most lasting relationship, this has been the secret to most really long lasting relationship. For every relationship, never underestimate the power of sorry
LIVE UP A BIT: Stop being relaxed, because you already have him/her doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep him/her interested in you. Live up a bit, keep good personal hygiene, look hot and sexy for him, look handsome for her, and let your partner see you and whistle in adoration. Keep your partner continuously interested and impressed by your looks and body.
GET BETTER IN BED: Get better in foreplay. Let your partner have it and want more. Never underestimate what the power of bring good in bed and what it can add to a relationship.

You have to understand that it’s absolute normal for it to seem like love is fading in a relationship over time, but it’s now up to you and your partner to sit and decide to make it all work out.

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