How do you please, satisfy or surprise a man in bed sexually? What captures a man’s attention in bed? The truth must be told here that men like it when things aren’t done the normal traditional pattern. They like it when an additional spice is added to the fun.
In fact, many menfolk told us that they’re modest people who basically just want their spouses to show up. But if she wants to give him something extra-special, they’d love a little bit of this.

15 ways to please a Man in bed; Step by Step
1. Do It with the Lights On
You may be concerned about what your spouse may think of your post-lactating-boobs, your Caesarean-section scar, or that he won’t be attracted to you because you are so different than what you looked on your wedding ceremony.
Men hardly notice your self-perceived defects. They notice it if you allow that to disturb you or trying to cover them. There’s no doubt, that men are very sensitive to what they see
Men really like it when their spouse walks inside the room with preferably with no clothes on. They are opined to the belief that they want to make their soul mate happy in bed.
2. Touch Yourself
Some spouses might find this act embarrassing, but hear us out. Seeing a self-confident woman touching herself can turn a man on. This act is like you are giving your spouse a secluded peep show. By seeing the pleasure on your face, he will know where you like to be touched and what turns you on.
3. Use Your Mouth
Men like it when you take it with your mouth without asking for any permission. This can put him on cloud nine. You can go ahead and lick him as if you are licking ice cream and see him moan in pleasure.
4. Be Vocal
Men like it when you moan to show you are enjoying yourself not fake moans. You can tell your spouse ‘f— me harder’. You may be amazed by how he is going to respond to that validation — and what his renewed excitement will do to you.
5. Focus on His Sensitive Spots
You should pay special attention to the tip of his penis too. You can also use your tongue on him to make him go gaga and make him speechless.
6. Get Frisky Anywhere but In Bed
Men want to try out different things. You can decide to go on a sex adventure with your spouse instead of the normal routine sex. This is a real game changer that comes with its own sensation.
7. Slow Down
Decelerating can be very powerful. After getting so exhausted, you can tease your husband by taking him slowly while playing with his member. Once you are done, you can take his member fully. This is a technique that can be used to build up the fun when it tends to slow down.
8. Show Off Your Acting skills
Sometimes a lot of married men get nervous that they’re going to get fed up of making love with just one woman. That’s why role-playing is very useful. You can take charge while on your bed. You can even script something out as if you want to act a romantic movie. Entering into this mode increases the number of dopamine and also increases the level of attachment between spouses.

9. Never Underestimate the Power of Foreplay
It is common among Men that they want to get in without wasting time. As a lady, this should be in your mind that build up is very necessary. You can send a sexy text, you just have to do something to arouse him before rushing to the main event or intense pleasure.
10. Let Him Dominate You
A lot of Couples often get into monotonous sex — same time, same place, and the same type of position. Your spouse may not be ready to make a move to change things. You can allow him to take control by binding your hands together with something light while the action continues from there
11. Do Something Taboo
You can try something crazy such as hand job, boob job or even anal sex. But for you to try anal sex it must have been discussed with your spouse. If you know as a Lady, it is something you will like to experiment. You can tell your husband about this.
12. Touch the Unexpected Places
Men also have several erogenous zones that need to be touch very well to ignite their sex drive such as the cap of the penis, scrotum, nipples, behind his knees etc.
13. Indulge His Fantasy
You can also ask him, what turns him? His sexual wish, the sexy lingerie that he might like to see you wear. Your husband will very happy to open up and tell you everything. You will be so amazed to all the things he will say to you. Then you will be able to right your wrong.
14. Dress Up
Never ever underrate the influence of wearing a transparent lingerie. This will make you feel good on bed as the woman. Your man will not be able to resist you because you are exuding that sexual confidence with what you are wearing.
15. Expand Your Menu
It’s very easy for any couple to get in a sexual rut. What happens in a relationship is everything you like and your partner like stays on the menu, but anything either of you doesn’t like, isn’t tried. You can also try out different things. This is where spontaneity comes in order to keep things fresh in a hookup.
You may also want to try something different, like introducing a new sex position or trying a passion prop. In fact, anything that can be added to the fun can also be used because this will rekindle a lot of things. Trying something out of your comfort zone. For many Men, the more stress they have, the more they may want to try sexual acts that are out of the ordinary.

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