You will definitely want to show your boyfriend how much you love him which will not always be easy at all times whether you’ve been together with him for a while or you’ve both been seeing each other for just a few months. You’ll want to show him how much you care for him while giving him space. The steps I’ve shared are practical enough and they will help you. Try them out and see the magic they’ll cause in your relationship.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure that your boyfriend is worthy of your love, and that you are both in the relationship for the right reasons. Showing your love to someone who is not a suitable life partner for you will not make either of you happy long term.

  1. Be romantic. Make time for it because, it will keep the relationship fresh no matter how long you have been together. Don’t be ashamed to kiss him. Try to get nights/days alone with each other. Don’t hide your feelings from him, but let him know how you really feel not just with words or kisses but with actions that supports your emotions. Let him know that you will always be there (only if you really will). Whisper in his ear and tell him that you really love him and that you will never replace him for anything in the world (only say it if you really mean it).
  1. Show him respect. Look at him when he is talking to you. It’s not fun talking to an inanimate object, or to someone gazing out in space. Listen when he speaks not just with your ears, but with the heart. Talk with him not just to him and never at him.
  1. Learn to say “I’m sorry”. You are allowed to have a bad day, but that is not an excuse to nag and whine. Never start a fight because it might mess everything up. When you’re at fault, don’t allow your ego hold you back from saying “I’m sorry” to him.
  1. Make out time for him. Be willing to put things in your schedule aside for him. {Read 14 Insanely Sweet things to do for your boyfriend}
  1. Let go of the past. Don’t talk about your ex-boyfriend. Don’t bring up the past ways you did something. Instead, do it together in the now.
  1. Don’t be overly demanding. Never ask him to buy you presents, because he will think you are only after his money. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask him for stuffs when you need them. Just be smart about it so he won’t think that all you care about is his money.
  1. Jealousy won’t help. Jealousy is the root of many breakups. Don’t snoop through your boyfriend’s things to see if he is talking to other girls; if he finds out, it will be hard to repair the relationship.
  1. When it comes to the SEX part. Keep things fresh in the bedroom. You shouldn’t have sex just because he wants to, but because you are excited to get it on with him. Let him know how much you want to make love and keep things fresh by always trying something new. Make love in new positions, make love in new places.
  1. Be adventurous. Avoid getting stuck in the same old routing. Try out new things that will take you out of your comfort zones, which will make you learn new things and grow together in the process. {You Might Like: 50 Truth or Dare Questions}
  1. Don’t be clingy. Give him time to do his own thing. No man wants a clinging girlfriend. When he spends a bit more time apart from you, he will appreciate the time he spends with you even more. Don’t forget to do your own thing while your boyfriend is out with his friends or pursuing his interest. Have your own life too, you need space for the same reasons he does. Stay true to the things that interested you before you fell in love; that is what made him fall for you in the first place. Don’t mistake going to him when you need an opinion or when you are feeling out of sort or upset for being clingy, your boyfriend will feel stronger when he knows that he can help you when you are hurting.
  1. Love him. Look deeply into his eyes, make eye contact with him when you across the room from one another at a party or school. When you connect, smile. When you are together tell him you love him; that is if you truly feel it. Don’t worry if he hasn’t said it first, maybe he is waiting for you. This is one of the best ways if he loves you back. Remember that love is not the quantity of time you spend together; it is knowing that you care for each other whether you are in each other’s presence.{Checkout: 25 Men Actions that mean “I love you”}
  1. Surprise him. Throw him a party, try out a new look, be willing to try adventurous things, show your excitement, and don’t be afraid to mess your hair up. {Read: 50 Mind blowing gifts to get your boyfriend}

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