How to turn a Girl on or Arouse a Woman with Tricky Touches or Words

Learning the right way to turn a girl on is all about mastering the basics. Romancing and arousing a woman, I would say is an art. To do it right, you have to strike the perfect balance between being aggressive and coy. You have to know how to touch a woman’s body and turn her on and also to understand what she wants—and when she wants it. To understand exactly how to turn a girl would be paying attention to the following:
• Her body “Sensitivity”: Girls have different “ON” spots, different areas or spot on their body that turns them on and each spot acting at different proportions, making different impacts. Now the question is how exactly do you know what spot turns your girl on? The Answer is “Sensitivity”, paying attention to details. I would be mentioning quite a few but despite that fact, you have to pay close attention to how exactly her body reacts when you make a move on it. Knowing what gets her on the most, what has less effect so as to know what exactly to pay attention to. {You Might Like: How to have Crazy Sex and Hit the G-Spot}
• Your Moves: You have to pay close attention to your moves, what exactly you are doing and how much its making an effect on her. Knowing when to speed up and the right time to slow down.

1. Create a sexy atmosphere. If you create a sexy atmosphere, your girl will be turned on before your first kiss. You should make sure that the lighting, smell, and sounds in your crib are set for romance. You should optimize all these to a sexy environment that suites you. Try and avoid possible distractions and obstruction too. You don’t want to be in the middle of turning your girl on and a friend knocks, if you know what I mean.

2. Have sexy reinforcements. Your home should be prepared for sexiness in advance, so the mood can stay hot and you can avoid interruptions. Here are a few key items to always have in stock: Be prepared with and red wine and any other beverages you lady might like. Chances that you’ve come back from drinking at a sexy dinner and to keep things smooth and going, you have to have an extra to sip on.

3. Make her feel comfortable. Once you have sex the mood, you should begin to turn your girl on by making her feel comfortable enough. If she is relaxed, she is more likely to hook up.

4. Break the Touch Barrier. As your lady is comfortable and relaxed, she would need you to come closer. To turn on, you have to break the touch barrier. Don’t be shy- sidle up next to her. Begin touching her subtle ways to initiate foreplay. The touch barrier you are breaking has to set way for your kiss.
How exactly do you break the touch barrier? The following tips should help should help you out. {Read: How to Foreplay like a Pro}
1. Steady Eye contact: Keep steady eye contact when trying to break the touch barrier. You have to show you are connecting to her in a much deeper level.
2. Sweet Words: With your steady eye contact, you have to initiate sweet words. Tell her sweet things that would make her blush and feel special. By doing this she loses guard of what exactly is around and she therefore is opened emotionally and sexually.

3. Touch Her: After telling her sweet words and with you still having a steady eye contact with her, touch her gently in a very sensitive part of her body. This could be her thigh, neck, knee, elbow, over her breast etc. and run your finger gently through this part making sure it gives her a thrill. After which you initiate the kiss.

5. The Kiss: The Kiss is the first big move you’ll have to make, and you have to get it right to take your night to the next level. How exactly do you initiate this kiss? Hmmm…but before I answer that there are some factors you have to consider before initiating the kiss:
1. Clean Breath: Ensure to have clean breath when you about to initiate a kiss. Bad breath is a really big turn off. Take a mint gum before to ensure clean breath and use a little lip balm.
Proceed to tilting your head to side a bit to take your kiss. Add spices of passion to the kiss to ensure it thrills your lady. To get you kiss more exciting, move your hand through your lady’s hair and gently grab her by the neck drawing her face closer making the kiss more intimate.
6. The Next Move: Proceed to rolling your fingers gently from her neck down to the top of her breast, this will pique and enhance her and she would get horny. Do the same thing up her thighs straight to the middle of her leg and she would go crazy. [You Might Like: 50 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions]

7. Remove her bra: It is always advisable to turn your girl on as much as possible before sex, indulging in quality foreplay. To do this I’ll advice you remove the bra cos the nipple is a hot spot to turn a girl on. Now you want to make use of her nipple to move her into the next level of being horny.
Now you have to give her a thrill of what’s coming by moving your tongue gently around the nipple before sucking it. After which you give her a little more thrill by carefully moving your tongue up and down the head of her nipple faintly before sucking.
8. How to Suck the Nipple: To efficiently suck the nipple, you have to make good use of the tongue to caress the nipple. Make sure there is a little bit of moisture from your mouth to do that too and always avoid trying to aggressive drag out moisture cos there is really nothing in there. If you have to suck, Suck gently with little bit of tongue caressing the nipple.

9. The Double-Threat: Sucking her nipple would indeed take her to a whole level of being horny but you what would do it more? Caressing her clits. My Double threat rule would be to suck her nipple and with your fingers, caress her clits. As you proceed to suck the nipple, move your finger gently through her body, down to her navel, into her panties and start to caress her clitoris. This would make her go crazy. If you do not know where exactly the clitoris is? The clit is the upper part of the vagina. It’s a very sensitive part of a lady’s body. This part is also very important in enhancing orgasm.
10. The Sensitive Body Parts: To actively turn a girl on, you have to make your move around the most sensitive part of her body. I’ll be giving a list of most sensitive part of a lady’s body:
• Her Neck: This a very sensitive part of a lady’s body. When trying to turn her on, try kissing her on her neck. This will get her own.
• Her Ears: This also a very sensitive part of her body.
• Her Shoulder Blade: Kissing down her shoulder blade would get her turned on quicker than you expect.
• Her Upper Arm
• In between her Fingers: Use the tip of your finger to run through the middle of her fingers when trying to turn her on.
• Her Breast: Caress her breasts and nipples and see the magic.
• In Between her Breast: In between a lady’s breast is also a hotspot to turning a girl on.
• Her Navel: Use your tongue to gently caress her navel and see the magic.
• Her lower Belly: When a girl gets horny, her lower belly gets sensitive. Kiss and use tongue to gently caress her lower and this will make her go crazy.
• Her Thighs: A lady’s thighs are super sensitive when she’s horny and ticklish when she is not. Get her horny and kiss, also using your tongue to gently caress her thighs.
• Her Knee
• Her Ankle
• Her Toes
• Her Butt

11. After which you have caress her clits and gotten her really horny, indulging in quality foreplay, you want her to have the best sex possible. Take time to explore different sex positions giving her a whole new sex experience. Below I have made a list of Different kind of sex you should have at least once. This would open you and your lady to a whole new experience. {Read: How to Kiss real Good}
• The Zero-Inhibitions Sex. Whether it happens when you’re feeling extra ballsy on vacation or when you’re one martini over your limit, this sex is when you totally let go. You’ll turn up the volume, try things you haven’t had the guts to before, and drive both you and your lady completely wild.
• Sex That’s So Good You Accidentally Break Things
This is when you’re so out of your mind with pleasure that you have pretty much no control over where you grab/flail/kick. So the lamp is shattered, your shower curtain is ripped, your headboard is broken, and your laptop is fried after that glass of water dropped on it. Eh, it happens. She will definitely tell your friends about this one.
• The OMG-I-Can’t-Believe-I-Did-That Sex
Sexual thrill-seeking isn’t for everyone, and that’s more than okay, but admit it: There’s something out there that excites you as much as it makes you nervous. Public sex, your lady using sex toys, threesomes-and-moresomes, BDSM, role playing—whatever. Whether it ends up being awesome or awful, it’s pretty brave to check something off your list that you kind of, sort of, definitely have been wanting to try.
• The Super-Loud, Piss-Off-Your-Neighbors Sex
Come on, one night of ditching your manners won’t get you kicked out. Whether it’s blasting your sex playlist, moaning more than usual, or making a dent in your wall with the headboard, this is the kind of sex that will make it weird the next time you see the woman in 2A.
• Sex With the BEST Possible Soundtrack
First of all, if you don’t have that song yet—you know, the one you have a long-standing, emotional relationship with that you can also see yourself having amazing sex to—you need to go out and find it, stat. And then, you’ll eventually have it on while you’re hooking up and it will be the best ever.
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